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Street photographer and sculptor

I was born in Madrid on Book Day in 1994. As a son of writer and journalist parents, I decided to be a rebel and take the scientific path by studying Physics. For now I combine a full time job in science with the passion of finding beauty on a daily basis through my lenses. I specialize in color street photography, mainly around my hometown, Madrid, because I am completely amazed by how light can change a corner or a street that you may have walked by thousands of times and transform it into something magical. Thus, I must confess that I am a seeker of light, and I leave it the liberty to direct me to the corners and characters that make the ordinary into something else.  What captivates me about street photography is the hability and luck to create an interesting and beautiful reality through the world that surrounds us everyday. To build this alternate reality I can say that colors speak to me, and the street calls.

Since september 2022 I have been sculpting in clay, and I combine, in my project Tales of Niwa, science fiction stories with figurative sculpture.

Julio Marchamalo | street photography & sculpture



- Lens Culture Critics' Choice 2024 Editor's Pick and Street Photohraphy Awards 2024 Editor's Pick.

- Winner of the All About Photo #39 Shadows2024 and Best Rising Photographers of May 2024. See a more detailed statement of my work here.

- 2 Honorable Mentions in The Artist Gallery Awards Street Photo Contest 2024.

- International Projection on the La Vie en Bleu Photography Festival in Nice from 1 to 30 June 2024.

- Finalist of the Single Image Category of the Dublin Street Photography Festival 2024. Exposition at Charlemont Square (Dublin, Ireland) from 3 to 6 May 2024.

- Grand winner of the series category Contrasted (Deep dark shadows) of the Paris International Street Photography Awards Contest 2023.

- 2nd place winner of the single category Contrasted (Deep dark shadows) of the Paris International Street Photography Awards Contest 2023.

- Finalist of "Gentes de Andalucía 2023" Award. Exposition at Fundación Cajasol (Seville) from 25 September to 8 October 2023.

- Finalist of QUIJOTE PHOTO FEST 2023 "Emerging Photographer" Award.



- Finalist, with the scultpture "Wise Wotan", of the VIII Salón de Arte Realista of AEPE. Exposition at Sala de Exposiciones del C.C. “Eduardo Úrculo” (Plaza Donoso, 5, Tetuán, Madrid) from 4 to 30 October 2023.

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